Name: Evelyn
Seen in: Number Days Sim Date
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female

Evelyn (renamable) is a female character who is depicted with long black hair tied in a ponytail, and wears gray shorts, a white-and-orange vest over a blue shirt, and white shoes with black socks. She is first seen in Pacthesis's simulation game, Number Days Sim Date, starring as the main character.


Evelyn is portrayed as an understanding, relatable character in the game, which is shown in dialogue such as conversation, cut scenes, and events. Though able to get frustrated easily, Pacthesis shows Evelyn as a gentle, forgiving character with positive aspect on the situation. Characters are also seen to compliment Evelyn on her looks and personality once the player has gained the Admirer Heart status with the said character in the game.

Potential Relationships

These are characters Evelyn can interact with and increase experience/relationship points.

Character:    Bryce Greenfield
Character:    Arlo Thorn
Character:    Thane Upton
Character:    Lena Regan
Character:    Spencer Huff

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